Behind the Lens: I Just Don’t See it by Henry Gilbey

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I love colour. We see the world in a riot of colour and without a doubt these different shades inspire me as a photographer. I love it when that hot and humid sun climbs high in the sky and lights up those shallow Indian Ocean flats. I am a complete sucker for a decent sunset with an angler fishing away right in the middle of it, and I love how in somewhere like BC, the whole place can arguably look even more appealing the moodier the weather gets. Now this is all to do with colour of course, and how the light works its magic upon our rather beautiful world.


The stark beauty of a wide open flat against the misty mountains that might loom across a steelhead river. Colour. Shades of colour. Like most of you I am sure, we see this colour and we rejoice in it. Some of us strive to capture that colour via our cameras and then help translate that love of the outdoors to other people.


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