The Tools You Need to Produce Results

What good is having a fantastic product if you don’t have the tools you need to deliver it?  That’s where Integrated Digital Publishing, along with our array of online tools, can help move your publication from concept to creation.

Custom Designed Websites

Every IDP publication has an accompanying, custom designed website that provides information on the latest issue, links to archived/previous issues, as well as quick links to subscribe to the publication.  We proudly design each website to mimic the style and content of your publication and in no way do we confine you to a pre-defined template.

Analytics Tracking & Trending

To help each IDP publication truly hit their target market, we provide integrated tracking via Google Analytics.  We’re not just tracking page hits on your publication either — but actual acitivity within the software itself.  This allows each of our publications to have finite tracking which coupled with assistance from our professional staff can assist you in modifying your publication to produce the results you’re advertisers are looking for.

Multiple Content Delivery Methods

With reader trends changing, IDP has made it part of corporate mission to provide content via multiple delivery methods.  This includes targeting the most popular market trends including the new Apple iPad. IDP has already released and showcased the Beta Version of our iPad Application and we are already working on the second revision which will include even more options and functionality, including embedded video.

Subscription Management Portal

Along with our array of software and trending tools, IDP is also currently developing our own proprietary, online subscription management portal.  This portion of our website will allow publication owners and staff to easily login and not only manage or view the subscription list for each publication, but also to easily export a list which can be used for e-mail marketing.

In The Field

More than just a publisher of beautiful digital publications, IDP is a full service outdoor sporting lifestyle marketing firm.

Internet Engagement Strategies

In this digital age, it’s essential to establish an online presence that directly ties to your company’s growth strategy – and then to ensure you keep it fresh, relevant and targeted to your desired audience.