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The outdoor sporting industry – fly fishing, sportfishing and wingshooting is one of the most dominant and consistent markets in the United States. Fortunately, the sporting sector still remains viable even though the economy has seriously suffered in recent years. The growth and development for new markets and new companies continue to grow in the sporting world – in-spite of outside economic circumstances.

The outlook for the industry is bright. The amount of money spent each year by sport fishermen, fly fishermen and upland game hunting is, quite frankly, staggering. According the federal government and the American Sport Fishing Association anglers annually spend $16,234,789,806 fishing. Fly fishermen contribute an additional $2,367,280,000 and hunters layout $2,467,309.000 each year. Add to that a healthy $605,000,000 spent each year on hunting dogs and you have numbers that suggest a vitality and marketplace that is just waiting to be targeted and serviced. The potential to generate income from the sporting industry is, in a word, tremendous.

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At IDP we believe that many of the solutions to our industry’s marketing challenges can be discovered in on-line advertising. By embracing today’s state-of-the-art technologies that are already at hand and relying on the Internet to reach our target audiences, the answers to your marketing questions are not really rocket science.

And yet, Newsweek recently observed, “You wouldn’t think that in an information age the biggest victim would be the purveyors of information. But there you go. Newspapers are getting wiped out in part because they didn’t realize they were in the information business – they thought their business was about putting ink onto paper and then physically distributing those stacks of paper with fleets of trucks and delivery people.” The same can be said of magazine and book publishing. The e-book industry actually lead the movement to on-line publishing before magazines. When Amazon introduced the Kindle it didn’t take long for e-books to out-pace physical copies. Today, for every 100 hard copies that Amazon sells, the company is racking up 180 e-books – a nearly two to one ratio!

At IDP we get it! Perhaps, because we are sportsmen with a long tradition of environmental awareness and activism, we quite naturally “think green”. Why squander all that petroleum used in the production of ink, pulp from our valuable oxygen-yielding forests; why participate in the destruction of the very natural habitats of the creatures we seek to protect – our forests, fields and streams; and why continue to contribute to the terrible pollution that is the end result of all the senseless waste that is generated by the print industry? Today, at IDP we’re “publishing green” and that means more green in our fragile environment and more “green” on the bottom lines of our advertisers spread sheets.

The cost of publishing green on-line has been greatly reduced and distribution costs are now a mere fraction of what they were during the days of snail mail, direct mail and when there was a reliance on bookstore and newsstand sales. Today there is a choice.

The outdoor sporting industry is already turning to a publishing leader dedicated to bridging the old with new marketing and advertising technologies that are available to its marketing clients – both small and large. And that publisher is IDP.

If you have a product or service that you believe will be benefited by advertising in one of our publications or you need real marketing and advertising expertise to help your business be more successful…call us.

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