Easy Camp Dinners by Harry Campbell

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Drawing the short straw as the camp cook on your next hunting or fishing trip isn’t so bad—except for cleaning up the mess in the kitchen afterwards. It’s funny how everyone disappears as soon as the plates are licked clean. So, over the years I’ve discovered a few recipes that keep everyone well fed AND leave only one pot (or none at all) to clean when dinner’s over. Here are a few of my favorite easy camp dinner recipes that will feed four hungry hunters or anglers.

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Revel in a Creole Christmas with Reveillon: By Lindsay Mott

The spirit of New Orleans is about the party. Good food, good drink, lots of people and just outright revelry. The holidays are no different and give even more occasion to take something and blow it out of the water. Take a peak into how those with New Orleans and Creole roots celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

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Trail Mix :: Story by Jim Stenson Photography by Todd Allen, Mark Lance, & Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici

It seems to me the older we get the more time we spend reminiscing about better days gone by, and I am certainly not immune. Perhaps those of us who love the outdoors are even more notorious for this than other old geezers. I grew up camping along the coast of Florida at least two or three times a month in the cooler months, those that pass for winter in South Florida. I will certainly tell whoever is unfortunate enough to be around to listen, how much the land and fauna have changed usually not for the better. Here, however, I’d like to reminisce on the part of the good old days which might just possibly have changed for the better considering your point of view.

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Gentlemen, You May Smoke :: Mart McCann, Photography by Frank Barnett

The “Bar and Grille” theme of this feature has led photographer Frank Barnett and me to explore, among other things, the subcultures surrounding wine, coffee, and craft-brewed beer. Guess what? Cigar makers and retailers are just as quirky, passionate, diverse, and customer-focused as their brethren in those other endeavors.

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James Acord Creates Another Beautiful Reel Case

James Acord recently created a truly unique reel case for a customer in Vancouver,WA. I’m sure you have heard of Bogdan reels, this is a portrait of Stan Bogdan that was in the New York Times obituary after he passed on last winter. This customer has some Bogdan Salmon reels and James Acord has made him other cases in the past. Check out the photos below to see his amazing skill and craftsmanship.

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James Acord

See the excellent custom work by artist James Acord:

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AD Maddox’s New Work

Hey Everybody!

I’m in Montana for the summer painting and waiting on the Yellowstone to clear for some fishing! I just finished a commission below … “No Fly Zone”.

Painting by AD Maddox

The Contemporary Sportsman Sneak Peak: A Poem by Robert DeMott

Painting by AD Maddox

Yellow Trillium    Brown Trout    Rusty Spinner

A Poem by Robert DeMott

Paintings by AD Maddox

To read the poem go to www.thecontemporarysportsman.com

What Oil?

Story & Photography by Gaines Zarzour

The Mullet Toss isn’t just American flag themed thongs or handle bar operated blenders. It’s not all about cut off jean shorts or tacky flip-flops, nor is it an excuse to let your inner redneck out and hit the beach for a weekend. The three-day event centered around a fish throwing contest that was held last weekend was much more than all of that. It was yet another reminder that the Gulf Coast is once again beautiful and ready for a long summer of fun.

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