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The Contemporary Wingshooter

A Modern Day Wingshooting Journal

Wingshooters represent the largest group of outdoor enthusiasts in North America. It’s because of this enthusiasm that multiple high profile grass roots conservation groups have emerged over the decades: groups such as Ducks Unlimited with 773,360 passionate members, Pheasant Forever, Quail Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation and The Nature Conservancy with its charter to protect our Earth’s most important places – for you and for future generations. And, of course, there are multitudes of smaller, but just as passionate and equally effective grass roots organizations – each with their unique and often “green,” activist commitment to our environment and the pleasures waiting to be discovered in the world of the sportsman.

Because of the size of the wingshooting population, Integrated Digital Publishing is launching its second on-line sporting magazine The Contemporary Wingshooter. Dedicated to people who love the sport of wingshooting, The Contemporary Wingshooter is scheduled to be launched on-line and on Apple’s iPad in November, 2010. When you open the pages of our premier issue, brimming with rich content and stunning photography by some of our industry’s best writers and photographers you’ll discover that The Contemporary Wingshooter is not just another wingshooting magazine. It’s a content-rich publication that provides a window into the complete shooting experience within the context of travel, culture, history, art, food and so much more just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Between its pages you’ll discover articles simply brimming with little-known, but meticulously researched, historical stories that delve into the fascinating background of the sport, its guns and hunting dogs as well as lifestyle pieces that reveal the true flavors and interests of this large and committed population of sporting enthusiasts.

A regular feature will be the “Wingshooter’s Library,” written by sportsman and author Ron Ellis who masterfully reviews titles that deserve to be placed on your library’s shelves as well as reminding us of the many classic volumes that should be in every sportsman’s well-stocked library. You’ll read engaging pieces by contributors that include George Calef, who takes us bobwhite hunting in the Red Clay Country of Georgia with his faithful and beloved chocolate Lab Heidi and you’ll simply marvel over the stunningly writing contributions that include “Pas de Deux – The Aesthetic of the Dance of the Shoot” authored by Terry Wieland who wields a pen like Hemingway and knows the art and sport of wingshooting and handling a gun like Nureyev knew the dance and his dancing partners. “A shotgun is the most personal of firearms, wielded more by instinct than precision. It has no sights; in fact, the shooter’s eyes and hands are its sights, and the pattern of shot is thrown through the same combination of instinct and coordination with which a boxer throws a left jab,” and thus, the comparison to the late Nureyev and his graceful dancing partners.

Advertising in The Contemporary Wingshooter

As a quarterly publication, The Contemporary Wingshooter is targeting a market of dedicated sportsman that continues to exhibit a vitality in-spite of the recent economic downturn that is impacting many other industries. The 2011 Shot Show, scheduled for January in Las Vegas, is predicted to move from being the twenty-second largest show in the nation to the thirteenth and the staff from The Contemporary Wingshooter will be there to cover the event.

With over 1000 bird hunting preserves in America and a growing number of companies dedicated to serving our industry, The Contemporary Wingshooter is the perfect venue to advertise products and services ranging from travel and lodging to shotguns and ammunition. Whether you wish to promote the latest firearms, reloading equipment, scopes, binoculars, cameras, gun cases or related products that include clothing for the sportsman, camouflage, footwear, decoys and life-style commodities from fine wines to collectable art – your marketing opportunities are boundless when you advertise in The Contemporary Wingshooter.

The Contemporary Wingshooter’s Demographics

As a quarterly publication, The Contemporary Wingshooter targets customers who are typically affluent, confident, well traveled, well educated and demonstrate their seriousness about their passion for wingshooting by voting with their pocketbooks. For specifics about advertising rates and marketing programs select the highlighted Media Kit.

Stories in the next issue
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