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The Contemporary Sportsman

All about the lifestyle of the American Outdoorsman

The Contemporary Sportsman is not just another fly fishing and wingshooting magazine. It’s an engaging and colorful window into the exciting and complex world of fly fishing and wingshooting experiences that focuses on topics ranging from fly fishing and wingshooting around the world to travel, lodging, culture, history, art, food and beverage articles – each issue is written, photographed and illustrated with a broad, literate brush by seasoned professional writers, photographers, artists and avid sportsman.

If your interests draw you to the lifestyle of fly fishing and wingshooting and you’re seeking a fresh and unique on-line publication with unparalleled emphasis on quality and scope of content you need go no further than The Contemporary Sportsman. With the very first issue, Trout Unlimited raved on it blog:

“With 178 pages full of gorgeous photos and solid content about fly fishing, conservation, travel, food, wine and art, it’s a must-read for anyone who likes to fish, hunt, eat or drink.”

By emphasizing the cultural and lifestyle experience, The Contemporary Sportsman appeals to fishermen, non-fishermen and wingshooters alike. Between the pages of The Contemporary Sportsman you won’t see a lot of extensive stories about technology, how-to, technique or equipment reviews. Our aim is not to lecture or instruct. There are plenty of other periodicals doing just that. Rather, our magazine’s charter is to focus on all the rich and unique experiences that surround a sportsman’s life. We write each issue with a sense of awe and wonderment about the rich tapestry of a sporting life spent out of doors – a life that often harkens back to an easier, more tranquil period in our nation’s history.

Advertising in The Contemporary Sportsman

Industry insiders who are providing products and services will recognize that The Contemporary Sportsman is the perfect vehicle in which to advertise because we pledge never to publish a single self-serving “advertorial”. While specific products may indeed be mentioned in an article, it is because or writers truly love a particular rod, reel, canoe or fly-tying maker or brand – not because as publishers we’re blatantly pushing a product. Our emphasis will always be on the lifestyle aspect of fly fishing and wingshooting and never with a product orientation. IDP – advertising with integrity.

Using Internet technology, our advertisers can avail themselves of Web-based methodologies such as data warehousing and data-mining. Let us show you how to leverage that understanding for the benefit of the advertiser and the customer by creating multi-media advertisements that include “hidden levels” that can easily access video segments, blogs and even entire catalogs that lie just beneath the surface of an ad, waiting to be selected by your customers with just the touch of the screen. No print publication will ever be able to provide those exciting options.

As a quarterly publication, The Contemporary Sportsman targets customers who are typically confident, well traveled, well educated and demonstrate their seriousness about their passion by voting with their pocketbooks. For specifics about advertising rates and marketing programs select the highlighted  Media Kit.

The Contemporary Sportsman’s Demographics

As a quarterly publication, The Contemporary Sportsman targets readers who are typically affluent, confident, well traveled, well educated and demonstrate their seriousness about their sporting passions by voting with their pocketbooks. For specifics about advertising rates and marketing programs select the highlighted Media Kit.

Stories in the next issue
  • Two Gentlemen of Style
  • Tanzania Tigerfish
  • Yellow Trillium, Brown Trout, Rusty Spinner
  • The Southern Cross
  • The Oldest New Way to Pursue Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout
  • How to Rope a Pike
  • French Pastries on Our Left Coast
  • Steelhead Faith
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