Magazines for the Future – Today

What’s an on-line magazine? The digital delivery of periodicals has changed our concept of magazine publishing forever and Integrated Digital Publishing is at the forefront of that revolution – the most significant since Gutenberg’s invention, in 1440, of printing from movable type. The advancement of the human species has been served well by printing and nearly five and a half centuries since Gutenberg, IDP is boldly embarking on yet another technological revolution that is leading to an even broader humanizing phenomenon that is educating, informing, cajoling and, yes, through our emphasis on “publishing green” even serving to preserve and protect our environment and the terrestrial and winged creatures that inhabit it.

As a vehicle for communication, IDP’s on-line magazine publishing operation is contributing to a further extension of the human intellect and enjoyment of the great outdoors with its growing lineup of fly fishing and wingshooting publications – with still more magazines and e-books on our horizon.

Integrated Digital Publishing, Current Publications

Providing Richer Editorial & Graphic Content – On-line

At IDP we’re proud of the magazines we’re publishing that are now more methodically researched and fact-checked, richer in editorial content, more graphically stunning as a result of our demand for only the best writers, photography, art and readable font sizes as well as our reliance on existing and emerging technologies that already include the multi-media features we’ve all come to expect from the Internet. And, every one of IDP’s publications are now, or will be, available as they are published on Apple’s iPad that is rapidly becoming the next media frontier and is already boasting over 160 million account holders.

IDP & Apple’s iPad Capabilities

When you purchase or subscribe to an IDP magazine through iTunes you will instantly begin enjoying our publications on a large Multi-Touch iPad screen that is enhanced with vibrant color and crystal-sharp text. Since its introduction, iPads have become the next media frontier. Hold one in your hands and you’ll never want to go back to the antiquated world of print. Why? Simply because our publications and iPad’s delivery platform provide unparalleled opportunities for far richer content and multi-media capabilities than were ever possible in traditional print magazines. Rotate your iPad and you can enjoy reading in a landscape or horizontal orientation that has been designed to perfectly fit our publication’s beautifully designed pages. With a tap of the finger you’ll be able to instantly view high production-value videos that add a dramatic dimension to your reading pleasure. And with a double-tap on a page section you can enlarge or shrink, or just pinch to zoom in or out. It’s that easy.