Silver Ghosts on Gaspé by Mark Lance

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For this western based photographer Atlantic salmon, the Silver Ghost, holds great intrigue. And, of equal draw are the unfamiliar environments where these mighty fish swim. From my distant geographically challenged home in the dusty West, the Gaspé Peninsula seems the appropriate iconic landscape for the king of sportfish, at least on this continent.

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On the Gaspé there is no escaping a sense of tradition and the trappings of a gentleman’s pursuit, some borrowed from across the pond and some unique to the Maritimes. Tidy shingle sided lodges, totems and long canoes, cane rods and exotic feathers tied to graceful hooks are a visual feast. The Gaspé and the sport of atlantic salmon fishing are tightly entwined in my mind. Together they create a special sense of place and link to an earlier era.


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