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The Complete Fly Fishing Experience

When IDP’s Editorial Board decided to publish Backcast, their intentions were simple:

Create a beautiful, content-rich publication designed to encompass all of those aspects that make fly fishing experiences rewarding and memorable.

However, unlike our original fly fishing publication, The Contemporary Sportsman, sixty to seventy percent of the feature articles in Backcast will take place in a saltwater environment – on the rolling waters of a deep blue sea under a cloudless azure sky or one filled with stormy, boiling clouds that make you question your very sanity for being out on the high waters in the first place. What were you thinking?

As you flip through the pages of Backcast you’ll be struck by a layout that’s edgier, colors reminiscent of Van Gogh’s vibrant blues and complimentary impressionist palette, and exciting photography that seems to simply pop off the page of your iPad.

Backcast has a decidely nuts-and-bolts orientation but don’t think for a second that our product emphasis will be stodgy, technical or boring. Backcast readers know how to squeeze out the last drop of excitement from their adventures. The typical Backcast reader is a high energy sportsman who knows how to get the most from every sporting experience. When he travels, the journey may take him for just a few miles or sometimes over great distances. But the mode of travel is often just as important to the overall experience as laying the line into the water. In fact, the travels sometimes define the experience more that the final destination or fish tossed back or stored in the cooler. Whether it’s by bike, canoe or a choice is made to hike into some remote, inaccessible spot with backpack and rod in hand, the travel itself often becomes an integral part of the experience and the stuff that future memories will be made of.

When the Backcast sportsman ventures into the outdoors to test his or her skills on the water, they are not just going fishing. They are embarking on a real adventure. Whether the Backcast reader judges the trip to be successful, or perhaps on the disappointing side, depends only to some degree on the “luck with a rod.” How this adventurer will rate the experience more often depends on food discoveries made along the way, the people and their cultures that are encountered, and the overall environment and experience of the trip. Looking back, the Backcast reader will ask, “How was the canoeing, biking and hiking that I made to reach the best spot – that sweet spot that I’ll remember for the rest of my life?” That’s what a Backcast memory is really all about and that’s what the reader will discover in this, IDP’s newest fly fishing magazine.

So that’s it. That’s what’s really important to the Backcast reader – stellar writing by life-long sportsmen, photography by adventurers who are willing to go that extra measure to get the perfect shot that’s totally over the top.

Backcast will not necessarily be “your father’s magazine.” Perhaps he was a great sportsman, but his offspring….well, he wants to do Dad one better. So don’t expect Backcast to be an ordinary publication and you won’t be disappointed. Here’s your invitation to experience the adventurers of a lifetime. Fly fishing at its best, its most exciting, its most adventuresome – Backcast! High energy fly fishing publishing at its most exciting. You’ll want to revisit it again and again, so, figuratively speaking, put it on your coffee table and pick it up often to discover something new every time you flip through its pages.

Advertising in Backcast

As a quarterly publication, Backcast targets a readership dedicated to remaining young and active at heart. While you’ll often find our Backcast reader fishing the salty waters of a deep blue sea, more often than not, it’s the trek to a final destination that turns out to be just as important as the fishing trip itself. Manufacturers and services wishing to target a sportsman who is just as serious about biking, canoeing or the thrill of a rugged hike into the backcountry to reach his ultimate destination, will benefit from having their products advertised in Backcast. The Backcast enthusiast is as serious about the hiking shoes he wears, the outdoor sporting gear he uses, or the high resolution digital camera that’s tucked away in his bright orange backpack as he is about his new ultralight spinning reel or the high performance saltwater fly rod that he’s presently toting.

Backcast just may be the perfect online magazine to advertise your products and services, whether they are travel and lodging opportunities or sporting gear and saltwater fishing equipment – your marketing opportunities are limitness when you place your ads in Backcast.

Backcast Demographics

Since the journey is just as important to the active Backcast reader as the destination, most of our quarterly publication’s readership is not only young in spirit and heart, he’s well traveled, self-assured and typically well educated and affluent with discretionary dollars ready to invest in his sporting passions. For specifics about advertising rates and marketing programs select the highlighted Media Kit.

Stories in the next issue
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