Battle at the Brick Yard // By Gordon Sutton

The 2013 turkey season seemed to ring with optimism. About a week before the season opened, I got news that sent my expectations into the stratosphere. My friend Gordon Giuliano’s (a.k.a. “The Don”) employer purchased a 300-acre tract of land we knew as “The Brick Yard.”

    The property had been the home to a thriving brick plant for as long as I can remember, and like many companies dependent on the construction industry fell upon hard times in the last five or six years. The word on the street was that several other brick manufacturers were looking at purchasing the property, but The Don’s boss snatched it up, and placed the land under a conservation easement. Having grown up in this beautiful rural area, he was motivated simply to preserve the land. He was not concerned with the fact that he may have just purchased the most prime piece of turkey habitat in central Virginia.

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