AD Maddox’s New Work

Hey Everybody!

I’m in Montana for the summer painting and waiting on the Yellowstone to clear for some fishing! I just finished a commission below … “No Fly Zone”.

Painting by AD Maddox


Croakies just launched the New AD Maddox Collection featuring Trout Skin Belts, Lanyards & Retainers. You can call the # on the ad below to order.

Nashville Arts Magazine just did an article on my work. You can view the online magazine at this link:

Montana Fly Company is printing my work on fly boxes, reels, clippers & flasks. These should be out in the fly shops this month so if you need another fly box then grab one!

Patagonia has new Ts coming out September 1st with the image “Not over Yet”. You can purchase one on their site after the 1st.

My latest Bonefish painting is titled “Tail Bones”, 72 x 36, Oil on Belgian linen.
This piece will be auctioned off in DC October 6th for the Rivers of Recovery Benefit.
If you’re interested in purchasing this piece please email me so I can give you all the details.

Please check out their site:

In the works!

“Snack” Giclée Prints are here and you can purchase them on my site.

Please check out the Contemporary Sportsman online magazine!  The fly fishing stories and photography are amazing!
Until next time … My head is in the water as I’m looking for the FISH!

Photo by Tony Scarlati      

Best to all of you and thanks for all your support!
Go get some Fish!
3 Responses to AD Maddox’s New Work
  • Sharon Rainey

    I just puchased a hand made box with a carving of a trout and fly rod and is hand painted it is very beautiful it is signed by A.D Maddox 2001 I was just wondering if someone could tell me a little about it as all I have seen of hers is her Beautiful Paintings

    • Jim

      Hey Sharon,
      A.D. Maddox is amazing and produces many items besides paintings. She has t-shirts, fly boxes as you purchased. She is very friendly and approachable, you should contact her directly she on facebook at: or through her website at: Thanks again for following us.

    • Dulat

      This is a composite of three pusliorevy published L. L Bean guides: fly-fishing, casting, and fly tying. The first part is Whitlock’s book on fly-fishing and is one of the best (the other being Rosenbauer’s Orvis book) introductions to the sport of fly fishing. The Whitlock illustrations are always great, and the information is top-notch. You will find out everything you need from fly lines to fly rods to knots to basic flies. Add the other two parts and this is an excellent overall view of all three areas. Because of the comprehensive approach, it is one of the best how to books on fly-fishing available. Don’t be fooled by the L.L.Bean title the book does not promote their products. It is a top-rated introduction to fly fishing, casting, and tying.

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